If it’s one last thing we want to leave with our couples before we bid our farewells and good fortune wishes, it’s to remind them to create a honeymoon diary. One of our most recent brides and her hubby decided to take our advice and journal every day spent on their honeymoon. They got back to us thanking us for this perfect idea that’ll not only be a keepsake for themselves but also their children and grandchildren one day.

The idea came from Natalie’s secret love for scrapbooking – sure it could be a tedious task, but what’s better then to look back at the photos, the love letters and the little trinkets you’ve collected over the years?

We know that your honeymoon should be a relaxed, chilled out time (especially after wedding planning), but trust us – if you just take a few minutes before bed to write down your day, to attach some polaroid photos or to sticky tack your hotel cards & ticket stubs, we know this is something you won’t regret doing.

If you have done this, we’d love to see how your scrapbooks turned out! We’d also recommend writing a wedding diary or better yet a “bridal diary”, but that’d of course be for the bride that hired a wedding planner and has a few extra minutes on her spare time *hint* *hint*

To get started on creating your very own honeymoon diary we’d suggest you hit up your local Michaels or arts & crafts store and get creative with it! We even love the idea of doing a his & her’s honeymoon diary, afterwards you can read what each others say and maybe you’ll be delighted to share the same memories or better yet, perhaps they remembered something you didn’t!

The idea of creating a Honeymoon diary/Bridal diary and then having your children or grandchildren read it one day is just so….magical. I get a little carried away when trying to express how awesome it would be for your future minions to get a real glimpse of the love you both share!


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All these beautiful photos were taken in the beautiful island of Mauritius – a definite hot spot for your relaxing Honeymoon.