Preparing for your Wedding Floral Consultation

Deciding what to bring to your wedding floral consultation can be quite overwhelming if it’s your first time. You’ve been thinking about your floral arrangements the moment you’ve been engaged. You had a vision, an idea, an inspiration and you can’t wait to share your Pinterest board with your florist! We know for some, the idea of picking and choosing what flowers you want can be complicated and sometimes feel like a heavy-loaded task. This is why it’s super important that you go with a “pro that knows”.

When arriving or preparing for your consultation there are just a few simple things that can help make the design process go smooth sailing from the moment you meet to the day of your wedding.

1. A Budget: We get a lot of clients that come to us without a budget (while you may think this is every florists dream), it’s not – we ask for a budget because, well, let’s face it everyone has a general idea or number of what they want to spend regardless if it even makes sense. A little google search here and there will help you understand how much of your overall wedding budget you should allocate to your florals & decor. We’d suggest allocating 8-10% of your budget on your florals.

2. Photos: For some brides & grooms the moment their engaged they sign up on Pinterest, start following wedding-related Instagram accounts and purchase as many wedding magazines as reasonably necessary. You’ll start collecting photos of wedding-inspiration, what you want your bouquet to look like or your boutonnieres and we can’t stress it enough how badly we want to see what inspires you! By showing our team at P.S Events Group a photo we can easily take what we see and make it our own given your budget, colours and overall style & theme.

3. Open-Mind: This might be a strange “thing” to bring – but many florists can’t help but let their creative juices spill everywhere during your meeting as they start recommending the craziest of ideas for your centrepieces, boutonnieres and even a spin on a floral backdrop. We just get so eager and excited to be given a new task that we love coming up with the next revolutionary idea (not to say that we will – but doesn’t hurt to try). With that being said, we ask that you don’t arrive to your consultation already stuck on an idea of what you want, but instead, be open-minded and willing to listen to what the florist has to recommend.

It also doesn’t hurt to bring fabric swatches or colour palettes of what the bridal party will be wearing as this will give the florist a good idea of what colours will compliment the bridesmaids dresses, ties, etc. Lastly, come with a full list of all the items you’ll need. You can always add or take away things but a general understanding will help with writing up the quote.

If you’re interested in hiring P.S Events Group as your florists be sure to contact us to book your complimentary consultation today!