Intro to P.S Events Group

So you’ve landed on our website and want to know a bit more about the face behind P.S Events Group. At P.S Events Group we pride ourselves on a lot of things, for starters, our team is built off of “family values”. How cliché right? Well it’s the truth. Dominik and Natalie wholeheartedly work together to plan and execute their clients event to the absolute fullest potential. Along with them you can sometimes find Anna behind the scenes assisting with execution for the day-of a wedding or coordinating the finer details such as, transportation, travel & hospitality accommodations and even finding fun things to do in the city for your out-of-town guests. Many of our clients that meet with us for their Wedding have so many questions that we love having the answer for. We totally understand how a lot of things such as logistics of how your wedding-day will flow could sometimes seem confusing & it can get pretty overwhelming real quick! This is why the P.S Events Group team loves to help you out in all the areas you seek more guidance with. We don’t expect you to be an expert at planning your own wedding, so leave it up to the real experts – us.

At P.S Events Group because we strive in addressing all your questions, concerns and uncertainties we’ve decided to start growing our Events Group into a “group” that will be a one-stop-shop for all your wedding planning needs! Within 5 years of being in business P.S Events Group has grown from event planning, to wedding planning, to floral design and we are now pleased to announce that we have added wedding invitation services! We have received such a positive response from our previous clients when we only offered wedding planning & floral design. Such remarks and comments that were made were “we will have one less person (company) to worry about.” or “we can just get it all taken care of in one place!” This positive feedback had us realize that we have something big going for us and why not become the next Events Group that has it all taken care of in one place. By checking off wedding invitations on our list of services that we offer our clients can now have one less thing to search for in this ever-so competitive industry. By coming to us for any of our services that we offer chances are you’ll already have a trusting relationship with us which makes it so much easier to higher us for any of our additional services!

So we urge you to inquire today with us and our team at P.S Events Group! We are solely dedicated to catering all your needs whether that means, making the wedding planning process as easy as 1,2,3, or create breathtakingly beautiful floral arrangements that will capture your vision, or even to make a lasting first-impression on your guests once they see your wedding invites!

We hope to hear from you shortly!

The P.S Events Group Team