If you haven’t already then be sure to follow our instagram account @ P.S Events Group for weekly tips, tricks and pointers on how you can plan a stress-free wedding! Whether being a client of ours or not we want to help guide you and advise you on simple ways you can avoid the common cliché wedding planning stress. Within a few years of being in business we noticed brides and grooms alike get really stressed out about the finest details so we thought to put together useful advice that everyone planning a wedding can benefit from! Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t hire a wedding planner because the value of one is…well invaluable! But, take our weekly tips as a way to make things simpler for you, things that a wedding planner has no real control over. Such as, finding the perfect dress, creating your vision, proper etiquette etc.

During the months or year of planning your wedding we encourage you to check up daily on our instagram feed for invaluable advice, guidance and inspiration!

You’ll get the inside scoop on amazing wedding planning tips. Check out some of our current ones below:

  1. Take time: Alright, so let me be the first to say…there is no right time to get married once your engaged. So whether you’re planning your wedding or it’s the day-of we want you to take time with it! If you plan on having a wedding within a year of you being engaged then all the best to you – but, there is not right timing of having your wedding once engaged. But as always, if the timing is right for you then go for it!
  2. Your wedding is not a beauty contest: I don’t think I can stress this one enough! Your wedding needs to be beautiful to you and your fiancé(e) nobody else. It’s not and doesn’t have to be a competition. Planning your wedding is all about staying true to you and your relationship. First thing first, stop comparing your wedding day to your friends the week before or after or….a year ago. Secondly, if you like how something looks then stand your ground and stand by your decisions – don’t settle because your bestfriend said it’s ugly.
  3. Don’t turn away the people asking to help: Trust us with this one, you are going to want & need all the help you can get! So don’t turn away those that are willing to lend you a hand…even if you feel bad for asking them to run an errand. There are going to be people willing to help you out during the wedding planning process! Don’t turn them away. If someone wants to go pick up your invitations for you, let them, you need your beauty sleep after all!
  4. Write thank-you notes as gifts come in: This is probably one of the most useful tips that I give to my clients. Along the planning of your wedding you will come across some guests that decided to purchase their gifts from your registry in advanced and have them delivered to. Once this happens, get out your pen and thank-you cards and immediately write out a letter. This way, you won’t have to do it after the wedding and dread the process of writing up to 250 thank-you cards.

For now, this is all the wedding planning tips that I can lend you, but, I will continue providing wedding planning tips over on our Instagram and Facebook so follow us now!

As always, Happy Planning!

The P.S Events Group Team